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Established in 2000. Over 12,000 procedures have been performed at Boston Laser so far. Many celebrities have chosen Boston Laser for their care including Baseball greats Jim Rice, Dom Dimaggio. and  All-pro Linebacker Jerod Mayo. The surgeons at Boston Laser have written four textbooks on Laser Vision Correction techniques and have designed several surgical instruments used in the procedures, and they are dedicated to giving you the best visual outcome possible.

1101 Beacon St, Brookline, MA 02446, USA

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Boston Laser – Benjamin L.

by Benjamin L.
Verified Review

Ultimately a great experience. The staff here are very skilled and I fully trusted their abilities to examine my eyes, diagnose any issues, and perform LASIK. I had the procedure last Friday and already feel like I’m getting back to normal – except, of course, with much better vision. The actual procedure was very fast … Continue reading Boston Laser – Benjamin L.

Boston Laser – Violet B.

by Violet B.
Verified Review

Unfortunately now a couple years later, the LASIK I got at Boston Laser regressed and my vision is pretty much back to where it was pre-LASIK so I had to get glasses — and on top of that, I can no longer see to drive well at night as there are a lot of halos … Continue reading Boston Laser – Violet B.

Boston Laser – Alana M.

by Alana M.
Verified Review

I am very unhappy with the services I received from Boston laser. To begin, it feels like a factory, they rush you in and out and it is incredibly impersonal. However, I assumed that maybe lasik is just like this these days, a simple standard procedure that requires little attention to the customer beyond a … Continue reading Boston Laser – Alana M.

Boston Laser – Jessica L.

by Jessica L.
Verified Review

LIFE CHANGING!!! I investigated LASIK/PRK for years and checked out Dr. Melki at Boston Laser after both my friend and her husband had their LASIK procedures here.  Did a bunch of research and Dr. Melki has done a ton of these procedures over many years and has had several pro athletes for clients (if Dr. … Continue reading Boston Laser – Jessica L.

Boston Laser – Carina K.

by Carina K.
Verified Review

Everything about my experience with Boston Laser has been amazing. Booking the initial consultation at the Medford office was super easy and they immediately let me know what I should do to prep (don’t wear contacts for a week beforehand!). The consultation itself took about an hour and a half, and everyone was very professional … Continue reading Boston Laser – Carina K.

Boston Laser – JY H.

by JY H.
Verified Review

This place is very well organized. I’ve never had a problem with any appointments or waiting a long time to be seen. From the consult to the actual procedure, everything went smoothly. For people who are interested in Lasik, I recommend going through Qualsight as stated before by other reviewers. It will save you a … Continue reading Boston Laser – JY H.

Boston Laser – Jonny P.

by Jonny P.
Verified Review

My rating for Boston Laser 90% of it is the result of the surgery. The service is not too bad but keep in mind that they have a lot of clients and staffs so you know how those clinic functions. Every time you go, you will have a different person helping you. That is why … Continue reading Boston Laser – Jonny P.

Boston Laser – Angela C.

by Angela C.
Verified Review

Great experience and completely recommend for anyone considering LASIK!! Originally, Tufts / New England Eye stated PRK would be better for me (high prescription of -6.50 and -6.25). Boston Laser saw no issue with LASIK for me, and it has been a month since my surgery, and my vision is great. The office is super … Continue reading Boston Laser – Angela C.

Boston Laser – Dani G.

by Dani G
Verified Review

Had Lasik surgery done today by Dr. Sood, it was a great experience!! Dr. Sood was so soothing, she really talked me through the surgery and made it so much easier. I was seen promptly both at my consultation and my surgery. Dr. Sood even had my eyes checked again just before surgery, she is … Continue reading Boston Laser – Dani G.

Boston Laser – Heather M.

by Heather M
Verified Review

I had Lasik done with Boston Laser several months ago and I remain convinced it’s one of the best things I have ever spent my money on. I chose Boston Laser based on the good reviews (after much extensive research), and I was very pleased with my whole experience. Using Qualsight, thanks to the recommendation … Continue reading Boston Laser – Heather M.

Boston Laser – Tarikh C.

by Tarikh C.
Verified Review

I used QualSight LASIK in January to find a LASIK provider, obtain pricing, and schedule a LASIK procedure.  They made it extremely convenient.  Apparently, I saved over $1000 with one of the best LASIK providers in the country.  Boston Laser was also conveniently located near my neighborhood. The reception staff at Boston Laser are very … Continue reading Boston Laser – Tarikh C.

Boston Laser – Molly L.

by Molly L.
Verified Review

Used QualSight to set up a consult in April 2013. I had to wait 6 weeks during which I couldn’t wear my contact lenses. My consult was on a Tuesday, and my surgery (Instralase Custom LASIK) was scheduled for 3 days later! The staff was helpful and friendly, and Dr. Melki was professional and also … Continue reading Boston Laser – Molly L.

Boston Laser – Jennifer S.

by Jennifer S.
Verified Review

I had my LASIK done here 3 weeks ago and I couldnt be happier. everything about them is top notch, from the customer service to the quality of the care to the follow up, everything was better than i expected. Immediately after surgery  I was reading street signs on the drive home ( out loud … Continue reading Boston Laser – Jennifer S.

Boston Laser – Matt P.

by Matt P.
Verified Review

I just want to thank everyone at Boston Laser – Boston Eye Group. I couldn’t be happier with my new vision. It’s almost been two weeks and I am seeing better than ever before! I had lasik in my left eye and less than 10hr later I was seeing 20/20, and a couple days after … Continue reading Boston Laser – Matt P.

Boston Laser – Chris R.

by Chris R.
Verified Review

I had Lasik done here back in November but just wanted to wait a good period of time to see how the procedure help up. Knock on wood everything has turned out GREAT and I’m very happy that I had it done. I chose Boston Laser based on the recommendation of a coworker (plus good … Continue reading Boston Laser – Chris R.

Boston Laser – Josef S.

by Josef S.
Verified Review

I had LASIK done in October of 2012. The whole process went really smoothly. They worked with my schedule (I lived and worked in Providence) to be able to accommodate me and the necessary travel time. My initial examinations were straight forward; Dr Melki listened to my concerns and then explained the procedure very clearly, … Continue reading Boston Laser – Josef S.

Boston Laser – Sue P.

by Sue P.
Verified Review

Boston Laser is a great practice and exceeded my expectations in many ways. I’ve heard nothing but positive things from family and friends who have also gone there for Lasik.  Dr. Melki is very courteous and approachable, and his expertise is well known and highly published- so you know you are in good hands. I … Continue reading Boston Laser – Sue P.

Boston Laser – Vlad C.

by Vlad C.
Verified Review

So I had my lasik procedure about 2 months ago now and I am alive and I can see! Awesome awesome, I am still getting used to not putting on my glasses in the morning and taking my contacts out at night! I had astigmatism and -3.75 in both eyes and now I have 20/20 … Continue reading Boston Laser – Vlad C.

Boston Laser – Diana A.

by Diana A.
Verified Review

Got LASIK in Feb 2013. Dr Melki and his associates were wonderful. Got LASIK at 730. In 12 minutes I was done, but they do keep you there another 30 minutes and the fellow checks on you before leaving. Went home and it felt like my eyes burned a bit after but other than that … Continue reading Boston Laser – Diana A.

Boston Laser – Neill K.

by Neill K.
Verified Review

Well…they’re efficient.  I had my LASIK procedure three weeks ago and wanted to wait for the ‘OMG…I can see’ feeling to subside a little prior to writing this review. The setting:  Super confusing layout.  I think there are about five different ‘waiting rooms’ that I was moved through.  The practice occupies the whole level of … Continue reading Boston Laser – Neill K.

Boston Laser – Nate A.

by Nate A.
Verified Review

Dr Melki and his entire staff were great.  From the first time I set foot in the office, I felt comfortable and was put at ease. I had LASIK there and could see great after waking up from a nap following the surgery.  Dr. Melki has done over 9000 surgeries and I’d recommend him to … Continue reading Boston Laser – Nate A.

Boston Laser – Brian L.

by Brian L.
Verified Review

It has been about two years since my LASIK at Boston Eye Group and I have 20/20 or better vision in both eyes and no halos so very good results.  Defiinitely use Qualsight if you are looking into this as I read it here and it saved me about 50% off the orginal quote which … Continue reading Boston Laser – Brian L.

Boston Laser – Scott W.

by Scott W.
Verified Review

I had my Lasik Surgery with Dr. Melki approximately a month ago. For Starters, I now have 20/15 vision after having a -8.00 diopters. The procedure was essentially a much longer version of a glaucoma test. There was some general irritation and dryness for a couple days, but nothing more than an inconvenience. I would … Continue reading Boston Laser – Scott W.

Boston Laser – Ted R.

by Ted R.
Verified Review

For lasik, excellent.  Very professional, efficient, and approachable.  From pre-op through follow-up things went exactly as explained.  List price is expensive, but they offer discounts, and it is also possible to find discounted prices searching the Internet.  Dr. Melki is terrific, as is Dr. Fava (who performed the surgery) and the clinical staff.

Boston Laser – Doug W.

by Doug W.
Verified Review

I just had my Lasik surgery with Dr. Melki yesterday.  Here’s the thing: when you’re writing the review of the place that just did surgery on your open, watching eyeballs, you really really really want to be able to give that place a five star rating.  You want to know that everything went as smoothly … Continue reading Boston Laser – Doug W.

Boston Laser – La Lilly B.

by Lilly B.
Verified Review

Hello, I just had Lasik done with Dr. Melki and I am amazed at the results.  I took people’s advice and received a major discount by using Qualsight (they saved me around 3,000 dollars) The procedure itself was fast and pain free. They give you a stuffed animal  to hold onto while you are having … Continue reading Boston Laser – La Lilly B.

Boston Laser – Jenna C.

by Jenna C.
Verified Review

It’s been 3 months since I got Lasik eye surgery done by Dr. Melki and I am so pleased with the results. From the first consultation (which they scheduled for me after 5pm which was super convenient) to the actual procedure itself, I couldn’t have a more positive experience.  Dr. Melki is super chill and … Continue reading Boston Laser – Jenna C.