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Boston Laser

Boston Laser – Brian L.

It has been about two years since my LASIK at Boston Eye Group and I have 20/20 or better vision in both eyes and no halos so very good results.  Defiinitely use Qualsight if you are looking into this as I read it here and it saved me about 50% off the orginal quote which made Boston Eye Group comparable with TLC and other places with not as many credentials as Boston Eye Group.

The Good – 20/20 or better vision in both eyes with no halos.  I was nearsighted only before in the -6 area.  Procedure was quick and could see 20/20 almost immediately.  So happy I did this as no more contacts and pain associated with wearing them for long periods of time.  Eyes are a bit drier than before but not too bad.  The staff and doctors kept me informed the whole way through the process and explained all the options and side effects.  Dr. Melki just about guranteed I would have 20/20 vision and he did not lie.

The not so good – I was only provided with one drop of anesthesia per eye about 1 minute prior to the procedure.  I unfortanately felt a lot of pain during the flap cutting and the “pressure” they warn you about is them pushing some sort of suctioning device into your eye to keep your eyelids open.  It felt like someone was hitting me in the eye with a hammer and I had a blod shot circle on both eyes for nearly two months after the procedure from this step.  No one else mentions this so don’t know what went wrong for me.  I also felt the laser cut the flap in both eyes which was a medium amount of pain but caught me off guard as I expected to feel nothing.  I was very nervous after this going into the laser portion and deathly afraid I would move my eyes but this part was not painful and perhaps the single pain drops kicked in by then however I had a hard time keeping my first eye open while they worked on the second due to the bruise they created with the suctioning device.  Dr. Melki was quite frustrated with me for closing this eye and as people mention, didn’t have the best bed side manner as I tried to explain that it was hurting and he ignored me.  After the surgery I had halos for a few weeks at night and sensitivity to light for over a year but that has cleared now.  My eyes are a bit drier than before so I need to use drops when there are a lot of alergens in the air which I never had problems with before.  I had only one follow up a few days later with Dr. Melki and then he sent me to my regular eye doctor.  I didn’t have any issues but for the price, I expected all follow up to be with him or one of his doctors since they do LASIK unlike my eye doctor.  This may be something you just need to demand.

Summary:  Glad I did the procedure and seeing well and would recommend Boston Laser however make sure you demand more than one drop of anethesia per eye and have them wait at least five minutes before starting the procedure so you don’t feel anything.  A friend did the procedure at TLC and said they put 4 or 5 drops per eye and he felt nothing, not even something during the “pressure” part other than pressure.  Learn from me and keep that first eye open duringn the second (they never told me this beforehand) or else you will incur the wrath of Dr. Melki 🙂

Brian L.
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