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Boston Laser

Boston Laser – Carina K.

Everything about my experience with Boston Laser has been amazing. Booking the initial consultation at the Medford office was super easy and they immediately let me know what I should do to prep (don’t wear contacts for a week beforehand!). The consultation itself took about an hour and a half, and everyone was very professional and helpful. I called to let them know I was going to be a bit late and they assured me it was no problem. Rick explained all the financial options available and was very transparent in terms of what everything covered. I could’ve been scheduled for an appointment a week later, but I opted for a month later due to occasions I’d need my contact lenses for.

This past Friday was the day I actually got lasik. They only do the surgeries at the Brookline office and on Fridays, but they’re very accommodating. The woman at the front desk was very cheerful and gave me a rundown of the schedule. Shortly after I sat down in the waiting room, Dr. Melki came to greet me and let me know that I’d be starting the prep shortly. The initial technician was really knowledgeable and I appreciate her answering all of my nervous questions. She went over all the details of the procedure and made sure I was comfortable with the information.

The first part of the procedure itself was a little uncomfortable (pressure on the eye) but they went over that in detail beforehand so it didn’t take me by surprise. Dr. Melki talked me through the whole procedure, which I really appreciated as a nervous patient not knowing what I should be doing with my eyes! It was over in about 10 minutes, and once it was done, I could see. I immediately started crying because I hadn’t been able to see 1 foot in front of me without glasses since I was 9, and I couldn’t believe how sudden the difference was. It was a little foggy, but this was normal since it was right after the procedure. After the 4-hour nap they have you take after the procedure, it was crystal clear. I also appreciated that they give you contact information for each surgeon if you have any questions or concerns at all.

I had my follow-up appointments the next morning and 2 days later. Both of them were really fast and efficient, even though I had to frantically call and change the appointment time. My vision used to be 20/200, and now it’s 20/20 in the right eye and 20/15 in the left. I still have trouble believing that I don’t need to take my contacts out, and I’m constantly in awe of everything I can see clearly. I am so incredibly grateful for the work that Dr. Melki has done and for the wonderful experience the staff at Boston Laser has given me. Thank you all so much!

Carina K.
1101 Beacon St Ste 6W, Brookline, MA 02446