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Boston Laser

Boston Laser – Chris R.

I had Lasik done here back in November but just wanted to wait a good period of time to see how the procedure help up. Knock on wood everything has turned out GREAT and I’m very happy that I had it done.

I chose Boston Laser based on the recommendation of a coworker (plus good Yelp reviews) and would definitely recommend them to others. The consultation process was very easy and comfortable, and the staff answered all my questions.

The procedure itself couldn’t have been any easier, and actually they had me out of there even more quickly than I had anticipated. Within a day I could see more or less perfectly! For a few weeks I experienced the semi-common side effect where there’s a halo of light around light sources at night (i.e. headlights, etc.), but that went away pretty quickly and now it doesn’t happen at all.

I would definitely recommend asking them for the Qualsight price match during the consultation. My health insurance would have covered 25% of the procedure, but with Qualsight it’s almost 50% off. Thanks to a fellow Yelper for that great tip!

Dr. Melki is very professional and poised, and I’d recommend him to anyone.

I don’t have any experience dealing with their other doctors or normal eye exams etc. but the practice on the whole seemed to be well run.

Chris R.
1101 Beacon St Ste 6W, Brookline, MA 02446