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Boston Laser

Boston Laser – Diana A.

Got LASIK in Feb 2013. Dr Melki and his associates were wonderful. Got LASIK at 730. In 12 minutes I was done, but they do keep you there another 30 minutes and the fellow checks on you before leaving. Went home and it felt like my eyes burned a bit after but other than that no pain. Slept for 4 hours then woke up and had 20/20 vision. The consultation did take about 3 hours but honestly it went by so fast. Dr Melki only does surgeries on Fridays so I had to wait two weeks until I had another day off. By Saturday I was back at work and they were accompdating by taking me in Saturday for my 1 day follow up at 11am. Overall everyone was kind helpful and I actually referred my sister as well!!

Diana A.
1101 Beacon St Ste 6W, Brookline, MA 02446