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Boston Laser

Boston Laser – Heather M.

I had Lasik done with Boston Laser several months ago and I remain convinced it’s one of the best things I have ever spent my money on. I chose Boston Laser based on the good reviews (after much extensive research), and I was very pleased with my whole experience. Using Qualsight, thanks to the recommendation of other Yelp reviews here, I saved $2,000 off the original price of $6,000. My Qualsight representative was also extremely friendly and helpful.

The whole process was very simple and efficient. All the staff at Boston Laser were friendly and answered all my questions well. The actual surgery was really easy…in and out with minimal recovery. There are certainly some weird sensations (they very thoughtfully give you a stuffed animal to squeeze during), when the flap is cut and your eyes are lasered, but it’s a quick and streamline procedure. After that, I went home and took a nap for several hours and when I woke up…nearly perfect vision. My vision settled and became even more clearer over the next few days. I had a couple weeks of my eyeballs feeling strained, though I work at a computer all day and read it was a fairly common temporary side effect. Dr. Melki also told me that I might see more auras around lights at night (as I have unusually large pupils) and I did find that to be noticeable in the first couple months. However, whether I just got used to them or they went away (I’m not sure), it’s not something that I notice anymore or bothers me. My eyes have also not felt strained since and my vision is perfect. It’s amazing!

I am so happy with my experience with Boston Laser and Qualsight. Your eyes are important enough to spend a chunk of change on and make sure you’re going to the best…and having to no longer deal with contacts and glasses worth every penny!

Heather M
1101 Beacon St Ste 6W, Brookline, MA 02446