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Boston Laser

Boston Laser – Jonny P.

My rating for Boston Laser 90% of it is the result of the surgery. The service is not too bad but keep in mind that they have a lot of clients and staffs so you know how those clinic functions. Every time you go, you will have a different person helping you. That is why I said the staff in blue instead of the staff name. Some of them are assistants and some of them are doctors. The only way to tell the difference is to look at their name tag I suppose. Here are some facts and questions I can think of to help answer with my personal result. I had a minor halo during night times for first few weeks. I started experience eye dry after few weeks, strange isn’t it. But it is just minor dryness. The most time I had minor dry eyes when waking up in the morning. Parking? They have meter street parking for max of two hours. Normally it is enough time to finish what you doing there unless you are late ofc. How much does it cost in Boston Lasik? I will say between 3k~7k base on what you have. The deciding factor will be insurance, referrals, student of some sort or some sort of third party with discount. For details please contact them. Oh and I don’t have red eye until few days later with a minor red strip on my eyes, I guess I am pretty lucky! Or perhaps the god had answered my friends’ prayers. Either way if you have any questions or concerns regarding Lasik or consider doing Lasik at Boston Lasik, feel free to message me. For a 100% most satisfy, I will say I am 96.79% satisfy from Boston Laser. That’s a 5 stars right?
Last not least, why am I writing this long ass detailed story review? Well before I did the surgery I am the kind of person who wants to read as much material regarding Lasik as possible or to know as much as I can and now I’ve done it I want to help those who are consider doing Lasik but also scare of it like me out! I didn’t put much of technical stuff here because you can find those elsewhere. I simply added my own experience here as much as I can think of right now and hope it will help some of you out there, I hope this helps and best of luck out there guys, peace!

Jonny P.
1101 Beacon St Ste 6W, Brookline, MA 02446