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Boston Laser

Boston Laser – Josef S.

I had LASIK done in October of 2012. The whole process went really smoothly. They worked with my schedule (I lived and worked in Providence) to be able to accommodate me and the necessary travel time. My initial examinations were straight forward; Dr Melki listened to my concerns and then explained the procedure very clearly, possible side effects, and how the healing process would work. At my appointment, the whole thing took less than an hour. I had a friend take me home. The next day, I was able to drive myself to my follow up appointment! My eyes continued to get better over the next several days until I ended up with 20/15 vision! And I was able to pay for it with an interest free loan over the following year.

If you want to avoid having to buy expensive contacts or glasses in the future, I definitely suggest checking out Boston Laser. Definitely worth the drive!

Josef S.
1101 Beacon St Ste 6W, Brookline, MA 02446