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Boston Laser

Boston Laser – Neill K.

Well…they’re efficient.  I had my LASIK procedure three weeks ago and wanted to wait for the ‘OMG…I can see’ feeling to subside a little prior to writing this review.

The setting:  Super confusing layout.  I think there are about five different ‘waiting rooms’ that I was moved through.  The practice occupies the whole level of their building, but it’s so cut up that it feels cramped.

The service:  Well, they’re efficient.  I was whisked around to different rooms, with different people, testing on different machines.  Everyone was friendly enough…but wow.

I do need to say that the results were amazing and when I think of who I would like to operate on my eyes…the setting and service can be horrible, but I want the best talent and results.  Boston Laser will be recommended to everyone who asks me about LASIK…very pleased with the results!

…and I HATE that they do this, but you need to go through Qualsight to get the best pricing for the surgery.  I went in on my own and forgot to tell them that I was going through qualsight…the quote was $5,900!  After realizing that I was referred through this company (that I got from a previous yelp) the price dropped to $3,500.  I told Chris Thompson (877-704-2010×4118) that I’d give him some Yelp props for such amazing service!  For as great as Chris was…the fact that there is that much of a price difference makes me feel like I’m buying a used car…and not a medical procedure.  If I factored my annoyance about this into my review it would have only been two stars…but sometimes you just have to play the game.

Neill K.
1101 Beacon St Ste 6W, Brookline, MA 02446