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Boston Laser

Boston Laser – Tarikh C.

I used QualSight LASIK in January to find a LASIK provider, obtain pricing, and schedule a LASIK procedure.  They made it extremely convenient.  Apparently, I saved over $1000 with one of the best LASIK providers in the country.  Boston Laser was also conveniently located near my neighborhood.

The reception staff at Boston Laser are very polite and upbeat.  They treated me with much courtesy and made me feel comfortable prior to my exam and surgery.  The assistants who initially screened me and prepped me before and after surgery were great.  They were professional, gave me their full attention, and really put me at ease.

Dr. Melki and the other doctors were some of nicest, most professional physicians I’ve ever had.  They’re clearly first class experts in their field, and are devoted to serving their patients.  This gave me a lot of confidence going into the surgery.

Since then, my vision has been excellent and the staff has been attentive to any issues I’ve had.  They’re professionalism continues with each follow-up appointment.  I would recommend this practice to anyone!

Tarikh C.
1101 Beacon St Ste 6W, Brookline, MA 02446