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Eye Care and Laser Surgery of Newton

Eye Care and Laser Surgery of Newton – Sherri M.

Dr. Leibole is a caring and competent eye surgeon. I had a Lasik procedure done with them some time ago and the results were in my amazement truly fantastic. I was extremely happy with the outcome. I had a check up appointment recently and came across some of the reviews doing a search for his office. I wanted to share my story with them because I have had many wonderful experiences with him and his staff.

First of all they were always upfront about cost. I felt like they worked with me and my finances to make it work for me to be able to get the procedure. The office staff was helpful in this way and never gave me attitude as someone else mentioned. I had really suffered with my sight declining and was fairly unsure what to do. The surgery always scared me and I did not want to be left worse off after the surgery than before. My eyes are not something I want to gamble with.

I asked around at work and my neighbors in Newton and many people had good outcome with him so I went in for a consultation. As I said. They were upfront about cost, the entire process of the surgery and put my mind at ease about my fear of damage to my eyes. I had a slight difficult time a few days after but that was mostly due to my own anxiety and not any blame on the doctor or the actual process. My friend who had a similar surgery and great outcome also mentioned that this doctor, Dr. Leibole is the official eye lasik doc for the Red Sox. That was actually really impressive. Think about how important it is for those guys to have a highly trained and competent doctor when working on their eyes. If they trust this office with their eyes, why shouldn’t I?

I can’t tell you how sceptical I was about having this done. The whole thing creeps me out and I really don’t like any one touching my face around my eyes, I find them sensitive to this at the office and they go out of their way to make me feel comfortable. Some of these doctors want to get you in and out of your check up. I don’t feel like they do that to me here. I will continue to use them for my general eye exams and will continue to highly speak of them to others.

Sherri M.
2000 Washington St Ste 548, ewton, MA 02462