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New England Eye Center

New England Eye Center – Angela C.

I am reviewing my experience with the free LASIK consultation only and the practice, not the surgeons or surgery.

The free LASIK consultation is about 45 min long and it’s very basic (eye mapping, cornea reading, and basic vision test). The technician I had seemed ill prepared and sort of scrambling around the machines. She told me more information than she probably should have (as she is not the surgeon) about what I am a candidate for.

After that 45 min exam, she stated I would be a candidate more for PRK due to my high prescription (-6.50/-6.25). I was deterred already since PRK is an older procedure with a longer recovery. The technician stated 80% of the patient population are PRK which is an obvious statistic that indicates this practice is biased towards PRK and was basically trying to convince me PRK is just as good as LASIK.

The actual full consultation (requiring dilated eyes and consultations with the surgeons) that is 2-3 hours long costs $150. I just went to Boston Laser (much better experience overall) and they do the entire full consultation for free as do other places.

What stood out to me:
– Free consultation is misleading compared to other LASIK centers
– New England Eye Center has a much greater PRK patient population than LASIK
– The laser / surgeries are performed in Waltham at TLC, not in Boston
– Older office / inefficient technology & EMR (I’m a healthcare tech consultant so that’s the first thing I notice)

I went to Boston Laser after that where I had a much better experience.

Angela C.
260 Tremont St Biewend Bldg, Fl 11, Boston, MA 02111