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New England Eye Center

New England Eye Center – G. E.

Overall, I would not recommend this place to a friend after my experience. While my procedure was successful, and Dr. Wu is a competent, knowledgeable, and caring surgeon with a good bedside manner, the office is extremely disorganized and inefficient.

Save yourself the headache and go somewhere else.

Every single appt I’ve had to wait at least two hours, if not three, to see the doctor. And I’m not someone who usually cares about ambiance, but the waiting area on the 9th floor is so claustrophobic and feels like a fire hazard, ten or more people jammed into a hallway, without anywhere to put your stuff, no table, no outlets, which is something you notice after 2 hours. I know it wasn’t just me waiting forever, because everyone was grumbling about how they’d been there for so long.

But most importantly, they kept changing the date of my surgery (4 times…first it was in a month, then in two, then back to the original month, then a day later) which got to be downright frustrating because it inconvenienced me, my employer, and my friend who was going to pick me up from my procedure. They assured me this was not ordinary, but I didn’t get the sense by how they conducted business that this was an anomaly.

The procedure also ended up being a full day affair out in Waltham, and while I was scheduled for early morning I didn’t end up being seen till the afternoon, and no one could tell me the time of my procedure, even the hour, until 10 minutes before it was happening, so my ride was stuck waiting in the office for me for about four hours. If it is that variable when you get seen at any Lasik place, then they should definitely warn you ahead of time of the time frame.

I also didn’t  get the sense there was any real communication between the doctors, as the optometrist (who I found to be extremely abrasive and lacking any interpersonal skills) assured me that I would only be a candidate for PRK, and then the ophthalmologist Dr. Wu told me the exact opposite an hour later; that she would only recommend Lasik. Really confusing! By the time I did get to see her, she was gratuitous and willing to answer my questions, but everything was rushed because at that point I didn’t want to hold up the rest of the poor people waiting.

Upon my checkup, one tech told me I would need to take a certain med for three more weeks, the doctor told me two weeks, and then the surgeon told me I could stop taking it by the end of the day! How could I get such conflicting information from one clinic??!

Lastly, I got home from my check up and TLC eye center sent me what I found to be an extremely sketchy letter with a “1,000 check” inside for Lasik surgery, expiring in one month!

Now, I know New England Eye Center just uses  TLC’s facilities (if I were to do it again I would ideally find a place that does procedures on site), but NEEC is chock full of brochures in their office urging their customers to not fall for gimmicks or cheap marketing schemes from discount laser centers, and the surgery coordinator also spent a significant amount of time warning me of places offering cheap rates and too good to be true deals. And yet, they’re affiliated with one? I certainly never gave my address directly to TLC, which means that NEEC must have supplied it to TLC and allows the business to solicit their patients. This is BAD practice…perhaps even a HIPAA violation.

Summary: Dr. Wu knows her stuff. It’s unfortunate this center is so poorly run.

260 Tremont St Biewend Bldg, Fl 11, Boston, MA 02111