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New England Eye Center

New England Eye Center – Sharon N.

I went in to the New England Eye Center after responding to an ad for Free exam and consultation for lasik surgery.  As it turned out, I was not a candidate for the lasik or at least that is what I was told.  I was diagnosed with cataracts and opted for a crystal lens implant to corrct my distance vision.

I was charged over $200 for the “Free exam and consult”.  I was told to dispute it with collections agency.  Wow!  I thought it was incorrect as the ad said free.  Meanwhile I paid the bill to Tufts and have still been getting calls from a collection agency.

When I went in for the surgery at least 10 of us were lined up like cattle in a room-at least 10 of us to get the surgery done.  The doctor waltzed in long after our appointment times. We were told she begins surgery at 9:30. We had all been there between 6:30 and 7:30.  The same situation has occurred each visit for follow up.  We all sit waiting from an hour to 2 hours for our appointment.  The last appointment I had a few days ago, I waited nearly 2 hours and had to leave.  On my way out, the receptionist told me to anticipate 3-4 hour appointments.  That is because we have to wait for the doctor for hours!

The surgery is somewhat successful.  Not the results I had expected, but I guess it takes about a year to get the vision back.

I would definitely go to another faciility and ask lots more questions.  Red flags should have gone up after that initial “free” consult and exam.  Oh,  and by the way, a couple of weeks before the surgery, one of their billing people calls to ask you how you plan on paying for the lenses and wants the payment up front–nearly $6000!  And they are demanding.  I refer to New Englan Eye Center as the eye factory.  Pay now, cry later!

Sharon N.
Quincy, MA