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TLC Laser Eye Center

TLC Laser Eye Center – Amber C.

As a naturally skeptical person, I found it hard to believe that there were so many five star reviews and lacking criticism of the practice, doctor and procedures at TLC Waltham. After having LASIK done on both eyes one week ago, I can confidently say that I understand these glowing reviews and enthusiasm about the staff and process. From the time of my initial consultation to the actual procedure and post-operative appointments, the entire process was smooth and made me confident in trusting the staff and doctor to make the best decisions to benefit my vision. I, admittedly, was probably a somewhat annoying patient as well, and also emailed the office with follow up questions and concerns in the week before the procedure. The office couldn’t have been more professional, and the clinic director personally followed up with emails and a phone call after reviewing my chart to discuss and assuage my concerns, which demonstrates their level of commitment to their patients, as I have never before been able to get a doctor on a phone with any degree of ease. I also felt that the staff adequately addressed the risks, which gave me increased confidence in their qualifications and intentions, as I would be concerned if everything was promised to be perfect and wonderful. While there is an expected ‘assembly line’ type feel regarding the procedure at times, the clinic handles this superbly, and you get the impression that every staff member you interact with genuinely cares about your health, concerns and outcome. The only annoyance was getting in touch with the clinic over the phone to ask a quick question about an appointment time. All calls route to the national TLC Laser Eye Center call center, who could care less about you and offer no customer service, but this is not a reflection at all about the clinic staff.

In regards to the procedure, it was quick and painless and I had perfect vision by the next morning. For me, the only side effect was watering eyes for a few hours following surgery, which is an tolerable sacrifice for the freedom and convenience of ditching my contacts. If you’re considering getting LASIK at TLC Waltham, definitely go in for a consultation!

Amber C.
400 Fifth Avenue Suite 510, Waltham, MA 02451