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TLC Laser Eye Center

TLC Laser Eye Center – Amy R.

*Note* – this review is for pre-op and surgery only. I received my post-op care from a TLC-affiliate doctor who is closer to my home.

Even in this day and age, the decision to get laser eye surgery is a big deal. Yes, it’s a well-documented and is fairly common procedure but there are still risks.

In June 2017, I went to TLC to see if I was a candidate for laser eye surgery. My eye sight was terrible; I wasn’t even 30 years old yet but both eyes were -6.00 and I was tired of dealing with contacts and glasses. After testing, I was determined to be a good candidate for PRK, which has a longer recovery time than LASIK. All the staff were friendly and wanted to make sure my questions were addressed. My procedure occurred in July 2017.

Ultimately, I am very happy that I decided to have PRK and that I did it at TLC. I could see a HUGE improvement immediately afterwards. The joy that I felt when I could clearly see Dr. Villazon’s face! Overall, the quality of care here was exceptional. The doctors and staff checked my eyes 3 times (initial consult with contacts on, another after having contacts out for 1 week, and lastly right before the procedure) to be sure that the map programmed was accurate. Dr. Chia in particular was a great consult pre-op, patiently answered all my questions and put me at ease. Dr. Villazon, who is soft-spoken and knowledgeable, was also a very calming person to encounter right before going into the operating room.

The price here is noticeably higher (mid $5K) than others in the area so there is a premium. After seeing TLC, I felt that I would be in the best care here. There is only one price for both eyes regardless of prescription. Check with your vision insurance provider for discounts/coverage! I have VSP so I was eligible for a promotion.

So glad that I went thru with this! It’s been about 5 months for me. I’ve had to deal with finicky dry eyes but I’m 20/20 with both eyes!

Amy R.
Boston,, MA