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TLC Laser Eye Center

TLC Laser Eye Center – Ben W.

Getting lasik here was incredible. I would give it 6 stars because everything exceeded my expectations. They perform more than ten surgeries a week, but you feel like they care about you and don’t rush though the process. All the doctors involved were amazing. The results are also excellent – they took me from -6.5 nearsightedness in both eyes to 20/20 vision (now 4 months after the surgery), although there is one slight downside with my night vision (described below).

– According to the packet they give you, there are risks of sub-optimal results like worse-than-when-you-had-glasses vision or dry-eye. They also say that the best-of-breed technology they have reduces all risks. In my case, its been 4 months since the surgery, and my daytime vision is slightly better than when I wore contacts/glasses. My eyes are no dryer than when I had contacts, and generally don’t bother me at all. I can see 20/20.
My night vision is slightly worse than when I wore contacts/glasses. As best as I can describe it, my night vision is still completely functional and 20/20 so I can drive, read, etc. without problems, but I need slightly more light to read, and when I see bright lights against a dark background they are surrounded by large halos or fuzzballs. This is annoying but not impairing in any way.
Overall I’m extremely happy with the results.
(When I asked the doctors how my day vision could be better, while my night vision was worse, the explanation was that lasik etched my prescription into a relatively small area in the center of my cornea and that in low-light conditions my pupils which are larger than normal become bigger than this area, so the hallows are from light coming in through the uncorrected peripheral part of my cornea.)

The experience:
– Dr. Brown, Dr. Pian, Dr. Aung and the other doctors who did the pre- and post-surgery procedures were very knowledgeable, patient, and even answered questions about an unrelated eye problem (blepharitis) that my regular eye doctor couldn’t help me with.
– Dr. Villazon who did the surgery was amazing – knowing that he’s done many thousands of surgeries put me at ease. Also he spent time before the surgery making sure I was fine with everything, and then personally called me in the evening to check that everything was going alright (even though nothing went wrong or was unusual about my case).
– it cost $4500 – cheaper than lasik centers in downtown Boston.
– all of the peripheral stuff like appointment scheduling, paperwork, and pricing/payment was very efficient and professional – I wish all doctors offices were like this.
– many other details (like they give you a lifetime warranty that your vision will stay good or they will do a repeat procedure for free).

Details on the surgery itself:
– day of surgery, you come in and they explain exactly whats going to happen, and do another eye check. The surgery itself takes less than 2 minutes (i’m not exaggerating) and feels like a sci-fi movie. You walk into a room with a big machine and several doctors. They lay you down in the middle of the machine, put numbing eye drops, clamp your eyelids, and then tell you to stare at a light, the next two minutes consist of machine noise, weird smells, and the doctors telling you to relax. There’s no pain, only some discomfort because the clamps are pressing down on your eyes. 2 minutes later you walk out, they put transparent patches on your eyes, and 15 to 30 minutes later you can go home.
You get antibiotic and steroid eye drops that you have to use every day for several weeks after the surgery.
24 to 48 hours after the surgery you can see 20/20.

A big big thank you to all the docs and staff at TLC.

Ben W.
400 Fifth Avenue Suite 510, Waltham, MA 02451