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TLC Laser Eye Center

TLC Laser Eye Center – Kamil S.

BEFORE SURGERY: astigmatism on one eye, prescription of -2.00 and -1.50 (I think?). I was not able to enjoy sports, scuba diving, and other activities without contacts or glasses. And I truly despised putting contacts in…as anything close to my eyes is a no no to me, including my fingers.

DAY OF SURGERY: Is it scary?  Yup. Is the procedure uncomfortable? Yup. But it doesn’t hurt. They will answer all of your questions/concerns before and after surgery. Doctor and staff in the operating room are really professional.

AFTER SURGERY: 20/15 vision. Surgery took place on Monday, so I took Tuesday off and listened to some audio books, and continued putting eye drops as prescribed. Post-op for about two weeks my eyes were dry, so I continued putting in artificial tears (granted I do spend 12h+ at the computer per day). This resolved naturally. I do experience a slight halo (due to my pupils being larger than average) during night time, but it absolutely does not interfere with my vision in general (ie. no problem driving during rainy night which was my main concern.). Today marks a month after the surgery and I still find myself reaching for my glasses only to realize half way through that I no longer need them.

I definitely recommend TLC and I wish I decided to do LASIK a few years earlier.

Kamil S.
400 Fifth Avenue Suite 510, Waltham, MA 02451