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TLC Laser Eye Center

TLC Laser Eye Center – Katie H.

Note: this review is not a reflection of Dr. Villazon, but overall poor communication and clerical error.

I live in Western MA, about an hour and a half away from this center, but I chose to come here due to all of the positive reviews. I scheduled my free consult online with hopes of receiving Lasik prior to starting my job. I received a call a few days later saying the time I chose was unavailable, but they would attempt to fit me in so I could have the procedure.

I ended up making several appointments with a staff member with the intention of having Lasik. During the consult however, they determined that I had too thin of corneas in which they felt comfortable proceeding with Lasik. They wanted me to begin artificial tears to attempt to build up my corneal thickness, but if not, I would be a candidate for PRK. Determining this required more time.

Given the timeline, Dr. Chia and I discussed pushing my start date back one week so I could have the PRK procedure. All things were go, and I set my surgery date for a Monday afternoon. Since you need a ride, my boyfriend altered his work schedule so he could bring me to and from.

The morning of surgery at 8:15, I received a call, “Did you not get our message? We moved your surgery from 3:30 to 8:45 due to the surgeon having a personal emergency.” No, I had received no calls/voicemails the week before. I did receive an email of the time change sent around the time of the phone call Monday morning.

When I tried to collaborate with the staff member to see if I could have the surgery done, I was met with apathy. I attempted to explain while I understand there are circumstances you cannot prevent, I did push my start date back purposefully to have PRK done and was trying to find an alternate time in which I could have it done so as not to push my start date back further. I was given a sarcastic, “sorry I cannot prevent the surgeon’s family member from dying” but was told they would attempt to find something.

After several calls and talking to the director of this center, I was referred to the TLC center in Providence, RI, where I did receive the PRK procedure the next day. Therefore, I stick with my one-star review for being thankful the director found a solution.

Katie H.
400 Fifth Avenue Suite 510, Waltham, MA 02451