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TLC Laser Eye Center

TLC Laser Eye Center – Kayla C.

When I originally came to TLC I was expected to require a PRK operation. My first diagnosis came from another Laser center that told me I was not a LASIK candidate, due to corneal asymmetry, and would need to find a place that offered PRK.

From the first appointment at TLC I was told that they saw no reason (and they are typically quite conservative on this sort of thing) that I couldn’t get LASIK in at least my right eye. PRK was definitely feasible in my left, but they suggested I stay out of contacts for 2 weeks and come back because left was a close candidate too. Sure enough 2 weeks later I came back and was clear for complete LASIK!

The operation was completely painless, even recovery has been find (I had the operation 2 days ago, so this is quite recent) and I can already see with 20/20 which is expected to get even better! You also get a lifetime guarantee so if (1% chance) I ever need to get a fixup operation there will be no charge.

Definitely a perfect experience. Came here on recommendation from a coworker and will likewise recommend to anyone else.

Can’t finish this review without also mentioning how incredibly nice literally everyone was there. There was no brusque in-and-outs, everyone made a point of ensuring I was completely aware of what to do and the next steps. A+ staff.

Kayla C.
400 Fifth Avenue Suite 510, Waltham, MA 02451