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TLC Laser Eye Center – Orli G.


I am so happy. I had Lasik on both eyes three weeks ago. I didn’t realize I was even a candidate until September – otherwise I would have stashed more cash in my health savings account! But I did the math and realized that the amount I’d save in taxes by waiting until next plan year was about equal to how much I’d spend on contact lenses between now and then. Also, I figured that this was a better time of year for me to have some down time (since you’re supposed to take it easy for a few days after surgery).

Getting this whole thing set up with TLC was a breeze. Their staff was friendly, fun, and most importantly, well trained and highly experienced. My mom is a physician and she was nervous about having me go to a *big international company* for care. My mom is a little old school and could not BELIEVE I would let anyone “mess with my eyes”. I am a whitewater kayaker / outdoor sports enthusiast, and felt that the benefits of Lasik would greatly outweighed the risks. I always had a spare set of contact lenses stashed in my life jacket because my contacts would often FALL OUT in the middle of challenging whitewater rapids. Boy, was I excited to find out that this might not be a problem for me anymore!! Mom gave me a list of questions to ask (such as, what if things go wrong? How difficult would it be to get time with the Doctor if things didn’t go perfectly?). TLC’s staff was very helpful. I felt comfortable with them, and they were able to sufficiently quell Dr. Mom’s concerns. My biggest reason for wanting to come to TLC was that Dr. V has a highly successful track record and specializes in this procedure, and has performed it many, many times. My optometrist recommended Dr. V., and explained to me that in his experience, the majority of people who have bad outcomes tend to come from a small number of doctors, and generally with this type of procedure, someone who is consistently excellent is your best best… and that he’d been sending patient’s to Dr. V for a long time, with very consistent, successful results.

On the day of my operation, everything went smoothly. I napped on the ride home, we stopped to grab a burger, and I pretty quickly went to sleep (after doing all my eye drops, as scheduled!). My eyes felt a little dry in the morning, but after instilling some of the artificial tears, I was immediately amazed. I didn’t realize that my neighbor had a grill in their back yard, LOL! I might be on the better end of the spectrum for recovery – I personally didn’t experience any discomfort at all, just a little dryness in the mornings. I was vigilant with all the different medicated eye drops and am still using the artificial tears as a precaution, according to my post-op instructions. I was sad to have to take a week off from all exercise and TWO WEEKS out of kayaking during a rainy time of the year, but it was well worth it when I got back in the water without contact lenses for the first time!! Results vary from patient to patient… mine were incredible. My 1 day follow-up, I had 20:15 vision. At 1 week after, my vision improved to 20:10. WOW!!!! I didn’t imagine it could be that good!

The only thing I wish I’d understood sooner was how my insurance would be applied to the cost. I didn’t realize that I’d only be able to use ONE insurance option. I have Blue Cross for healthcare and VSP for vision, but could only use one of these to help me save on this procedure. I’m not positive, but I think that the reason for this is that the insurance company isn’t actually paying the provider for the services… I think it’s more like a discount offered by the provider through your insurance in order to help market the procedure. Make sure you check to see what discounts are available and that the highest discount is applied. I’d definitely recommend taking care of payments ahead of the day of your appointment so that you don’t have to think about it when you show up for surgery! Much better to just focus on relaxing 🙂

I also have experienced slightly diminished nighttime vision, which I understood was a risk beforehand. I did my research and listened carefully to TLC’s staff and Dr. V. about my risks. I was honestly very nervous beforehand about having annoying halo’s at night while driving, but in the end, felt that the benefits greatly outweighed the risks. I definitely noticed this effect in the first week after my procedure, but as my eyes continue to heal, the impacts to my nighttime vision have lessened dramatically.

All in all, I am among the many Lasik patients who feel that this is the best money I’ve ever spent. Thank you so much, TLC!!

Orli G.
400 Fifth Avenue Suite 510, Waltham, MA 02451