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TLC Laser Eye Center

TLC Laser Eye Center – Sonia N.

If you’ve ever thought about getting LASIK done, get your butt over to this place PRONTO.  Let me count the ways.

Like most people, I had your garden variety concerns about LASIK.  I mean, who wouldn’t?  Since it’s your eyes, you want to be in the very best hands.  After doing some homework and deciding to go with TLC for a Bladeless LASIK procedure, my journey, which began with -4.50+ in both eyes along with astigmatism 2 days ago, ended with 20/15 vision yesterday in my first post-op visit.  That’s better than 20/20 vision and I’m told it might get even better with each passing day.  I am ridiculously happy with the results and wished that I had done this years ago.

From my first consultation with Jim Butler, the Surgical Consultant, down to the day of the procedure with Dr. Villazon, the entire staff has been A++.  Jim was friendly, informative and especially patient with all my appointment updates/cancellations.  I also saw him the day of the surgery being his smiley self in the operating room.  Dr. Villazon was very knowledgeable of course but I appreciated the fact that he was very approachable and had a calming demeanor about him.

As for the procedure itself?  Dr. Villazon narrated through the entire process, informing me every time something changed (i.e., when the lights would be blurry or bright and when we moved from one table to another, etc) which made an otherwise very anxious and nerve-racking experience a lot more bearable.

Best part? It was absolutely painless!  I had a late afternoon appointment that synched up well to finish by the evening, have dinner and then zonked out until the morning.  Then, just like that, BAM!, I woke up to a pair of perfect vision eyes.

Don’t get me wrong, there are medicated eye drops you need to take for a week and lubricant drops for a while after to ensure you heal well but overall,  I can’t say enough fabulous things about this place.  Best decision I have made in a while.

P.S. They offer a discount if you have VSP insurance!

Sonia N.
400 Fifth Avenue Suite 510, Waltham, MA 02451